The Yancey Residence (under construction)


Bart & Danielle Yancey are two very special and unique people and they have many passions. They are people of faith, dog lovers, long distance runners! I've had the joy of walking this path with them for a few years now and I must say I'm thrilled at their hard work and patience finally paying off. We began designing this house together in early 2009. Their house, at the corner of Shades Crest Road and Bridge Street in Vestavia Hills, was a single story cozy home and we set out to add more bedrooms and baths. The question, with a home such as this, often is whether to raze the building to the foundation or merge new with some of the existing walls. In the initial design, the strategy was the latter. When the decision was made to move into construction the former was chosen. Alan Simpson and Paul Davis of Ruff Reams Building Company are not only the source of referral for me on this project they are also the craftsmen building this unique home. Like the Yanceys, these fellas are top notch people and builders and are doing a great job bringing these drawings to life. It is so important, as an architect, to have builders that can interpret well, follow the drawings well and actually have a desire to ask the right questions in order to get the details right. Love them - call them for your next building project! Bart & Danielle were drawn to the architecture of Tuscany: something with an Italian feel that had mass, not ornate, with simple forms and textured walls. I began to research the architecture of the area and my goal was really to provide those things in an interpretive way; to offer thickened arches that set up views

beyond and dramatic yet simple gable forms; to anchor the corner of the lot with the edge of the structure and to allow the house to set the stage in the rear yard as a private court. I loved the idea of a perch upstairs for Danielle's use as a creative studio and the view towards Hwy 31 down Shades Crest was a perfect place for this to happen.

The following are some of the before photos made with a phone camera - so quality is poor.

The fun really starts!!

I will be following up with more pictures of construction progress in the next post.